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Concrete Creek 1999-2002 -

Concrete Creek, short video-arts

Have You Cleaned A stream Today? 2001

24 hours in three days, one question, many surreal answers, edited to 13 minutes video, which gives a notion of the  difficult situation of streams in Israel. The video-art was photographed in an installation created by Shai Zakai, at the 1st international  environmental exhibiton in Israel. Zakai has shifted along the no. 1 highway, 100 ton of cement, waste, and asphalt from a stream, brought it to Tel Aviv city, and created a labirint out of it. at the entrance to the instaltion, she hired actors, and asked them to stand there with a tray full of cement cookies, signed and numbered by the artist, and asked one question: Have You Cleaned a Stream Today? watch this funny- sad video, and send your responses...


Concrete Creek Detail