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Genius Loci, Art In Nature, Biennale, Korea -

Research on Gong-Ju forests


Dear Dr. Lim,

Our joint field research for the 1st week of my visit would be to : 
1. getting to know the local surrounding; environmental problems/issues of the area, native plants verses invaders. current changes in the landscape. historical landscape verses today.For this - can you find historical maps of the area's landcape and contemporary ones and bring them along?, documentation of changes in plants' biodiversity?

2. Species We will walk in the territory that the organizers will give us, and look for & mark at least two kinds of : 
Keystone species, 
dominent species.
endengered and rae species
common species
colonize species
attractive plants ( color, shape)
Vulnerable species

3. Landscape: monitoring different lanscapes - forest, river, valley etc.What would be the most prefered landcape, for the people of the area, for ecologists?
Is the existing landscape is the wanted one or need some change?
Is there something in the landscape that we would like to draw attention to?
can we identify meetings between various landscape units?
Are there any small details in the landscape that will not exist within 5 years?, 50 years, 500 years??                                                


4. Management: what is the right one? less roads?, handling the upper water runing?, more/ less agriculture fields?, orchard?. 
tree cutting policy- is it part of the landscape design?, forest roads? galdes?. 
What are the pressures on the area? 
Is the area as is sustain itself? or is one landscape unit changes into another ( small trees become bigger..) 
do we need to do some cutting to keep the boidiversity of the area?


5. Watershed: is there runing water?, are there curves in the river in the area? are the two banks looks the same?water quality, (from visual examine)? these are only thoughts and general guidline since I do not know the area myself. 

Do you have other issues to consider?