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writings by shai zakai

 Articles by Shai zakai  selection

1995 - Conference on women and the environment, Haifa Univ. & Haifa Museum

1999 - "The Thirty Years' Project" -International Ecological Conference, Jerusalem

1999 - "Concrete Creek", Nevada -art & Environment conference, U.S.A

2000 - "Beyond the Pleasure Principle", Catalog by Shai Zakai

2001- Artists/Scientists collaborations - writing and chairing ecological conference - T.A

2001- Why there is no interdisciplinary approach  towards the Environment in Israel?, a chapter for the NGO shadow report, Earth Summit - "Rio+10" Earth-Summit , Joburg, 2002.

2001- The Necessity of the Forest to the Human Soul, as reflected in art & environmental literature.

         ( for the Hebrew Univ. Jerusalem).

2001- Concrete Creek, Reclamation of a Stream as an Artwork, 1999-2002.

2002 - Interference & Showering - different approches in Environmental art verses

           Ecological art. ( for the Hebrew Univ. Jerusalem).

2002 - Keeping Open Spaces through art. ( for a seminar, at Hebrew Univ.Jerusalm).

2003 - Thinking Eco-art through The 3rd World Water Forum, Kyoto, Japan.

2008 - Restoration of natural winter ponds thorugh the Arts.

2008 - Changing Esthetics, Creating Teams, for Wead ( Women Environmental Art Directory ) online magazine, USA.

2009 - Cultivating Innovative Approaches in Nature Preservation, for the Natural Preservation Compoany, Israel.

2010- Cultivating holistic approache towards nature preservation

2011 - The Tree Within Me - An article and research for the Council for Sites' preservations, Mikeve Israel

2014 - Presencehood

2017 - Movementers- Keeping The Rivers Alive

2017 - Movementers- Keeping The Rivers Alive - about the essay- a preface