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Photography & Eco-art Centre founded in 1985, has led educational and activists' projects, lectures and workshops for more than two decades.

For reservations of lectures and workshops with Shai Zakai,  or consultant, please e mail us -

Here are a selection from her public lectures;


1. By pass the analytic mind – the role of the art in the age of ecological crisis

The lecture will present the significant influence of ecological art to create a social, ecological, historical and cultural change in the world from the 90s till today. Accompanied by color slides, and video-art.

2.  Reclaiming streams as an artwork – Concrete Creek

A   seminal work – the reclamation of a polluted creek as an artwork, created a model for cleaning streams with the polluters, and through a holistic approach. A pioneer eco-art project which made a difference.

3. Tikkun Olam ( amending the world) 

A lecture and a following workshop. Zakai will show artworks from major projects she did along twenty years, in Israel, Korea, USA, and in other places, which created an innovative communication through the visual art via a holistic approach.

4. Slow Photography  

Fascinating presentation where the camera serves as a nature keeper. Introducing her new technique - Slow Photography, which develop further the connection between the body, the eye, brain and the camera as a third eye.

Introducing the role of the photography in the age of ecological crisis.

The artist will share her working method to capture the energy layer of a landscape through photography.

 5. Spacing In - video-art 

How do you combine documentary, poetic and ecological photography together in one artwork and which discipline serves the other?  The lecture will show through color photographs, examples of such inner collaboration, including activating the audience through her new video art  which bears the same name.

6. Forest Tunes- The library 1995-2012

Forest Tunes – The Library 1995-2009 – An international traveling exhibition and a book, begun in 1995 has to do with daylighting the processes set in motion by human beings every day, for the most part hidden, related to the most burning ecological issues in the world, such as the loss of biodiversity, the deforestation, and global warming. The project also aims, among other things, to give a ‘face’ to natural entities referred to as the Genius Loci (sense of place). Lecture includes color photographs from the library of leaves' installation and readings from the book.  

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