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Shai Zakai, a photographer and a pioneer ecological artist, curator, lecturer and author of the books Faces and Facets (Portrait of a Woman), Forest Tunes -The Library, and the public eco-art project “Concrete Creek 1999-2002”, which was selected by Google Earth to be among the 20 most influential Environmental artworks in the world.  
Shai Zakai has displayed in more than seventy exhibitions in museums and galleries throughout the world. Her works are to be found in both private and museum collections. 



One of the pioneers of the eco-art world movement and founder of the eco-art discipline in Israel. She is an ecological-Artist, photographer, writer, curator, environmental consultant, a green activist, lecturer and healer. She creates processes which promote environmental awareness through the Arts, Founder and director of the "Israeli Forum for Ecological Art", (1999-09) CEO of the Photography & eco-art centre, (1985-2016…)

Has exhibited in more than 70 exhibitions and Conferences around the world. Her artwork is to be found in both private and public collections


Shai Zakai Zakai holds a Master degree (MA) in 'Art and environmental Policy' (Hebrew University, Jerusalem), photography studies at Hadassah college, and a BA in art history.  She is an international guest lecturer and motivator, facilitated many conferences and workshops.
Zakai is the author of several books and catalogues, among them- 'Tmunat Isha'

(A portrait of a woman), and Forest Tunes- The Library.

In 2006 Zakai was chosen by "De Marker" Magazine, to be among the forty most influential women in Israel, who lead social change.

In 2009, Google Earth has marked Zakai's project- "Concrete Creek- Reclamation of a stream as an artwork", to be one of the twenties' most influential eco-art projects in the world and the only one from the Middle East. Her long-term project- Forest Tunes- The Library, relates to deforestation, loss of biodiversity water and global warming issues, through a multi - media artistic installation. Zakai was invited to exhibit her traveling forest installation at the UN, for "The Year of the forest" (was not fulfilled due to budget issues).


Artist Shai Zakai has Initiated and established several community green movements such as - (1996),‘Matzilim Yerukim’( Green Savers ), (1999) Environmental Forum of Mateh Yehuda regional council, and created "The First International Art & Ecology Conference in Israel", (1999). Zakai established and still teaching the first eco-art year course in Israel, and serves as an environmental consultant through the arts for private and public organizations. Shai Zakai is an active member of the eco-arts internationally network and served as a board member of the umbrella environmental and social organization NGO in Israel.

Some of her curatorial exhibitions- 'Photographed Rituals', at the International photography Festival, 2014, 'The Principal Pleasure' at the artists' workshop gallery, Jerusalem, 1999,   'Sparks, thoughts on environment in pain', at Tel Aviv Cinematek 2006, and curatorial of ten exhibitions along ten years for the 'Israeli Forum for Ecological art' association.

Zakai is the winner of the second Biannual prize for photography at the Ein Harod Museum of Art (1988), winner of the "Artist-teacher prize" for 2000-1, from the ministry of Science & culture and the Messe gallery prize in Venice for her photographs.

Her eco-art pioneer project "Concrete Creek 1999-2002" has been presented and exhibited in U.S.A - Nevada, Arizona, California, LA, in Germany – Berlin, Frankfurt, South Africa, Japan and in Israel. The national committee of maps adopted her reclamation track and inserted it to the official maps of Israel.

Zakai was the first artist to be part of environmentalists' delegation who represented the NGO organizations in Israel at Earth Summit, Joburg (2002), where she conducted an ecoart session and showed her video-arts and the first artist in a formal environmental state delegation which represented Israel at "The 3rd World Water Forum" ( 2003 ), in Kyoto.

Her Library of leaves, Forest Tunes- The Library 1995-2012 - a multi media conceptual installation, including leaves from 19 countries along 17 years, is traveling around the world. Zakai was nominated for a life prize given by the Ministry of environment, for her contribution to innovative approaches to raise environmental awareness through the Arts.


Formal Studies

1982   B.A, History of Art, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem

1985   Graduate of the Photography Department of the Hadassah College, Jerusalem

2004 - MA- master degree in  "Art & Environmental policy", the Hebrew Univ. Jerusalem. ( 1st in Israel ).


1979 - Archeology - Hebrew Univ.

1979-81 - modern dancing

1980 - Musicology - Hebrew Univ.

1980 - Sculpture, art academy Betzalel

1990-  Digital photography

2003,  06, 08 10- The Inteligence of Nature

2010   buisness and sprituality

2011  Theta healing

2012 Ilan Lev Method

2013 Visual and applied antomy



Director, Israseli Forum for Ecological Art (1999-2011)

Director, "Green in the Countryside" (1996-2005..)

Director, Green Forum, Mateh Yehuda regional council. (2002)

Representative Committee - Environmental & Social Coalition (NGO ) in Israel (2002-2005..)

Editorial Committee, ‘Watershed’ – eco-art network for coming book. (2004-5)

Curator - "Beyond The principal Pleasure", The Artists' Workshop gallery, Jerusalem. (1999)

Curator& producer -Brainstorming workshop for the Phosphat Mine reclamation process through eco-art. (Jan 2004)

Curator & Producer & fascilitator - The 1st Art & Ecology Conference in Israel. (Jun 1999).

Stiring commitee - 1st international, environmental Technology exhibition ( 2001)

Stiring commitee -  Sustainable life in Holon Municipality

Editorial commitee & lector - Digital Creativity, Magazin,  UK


One-Person Exhibition ( selection )

1988   ‘The Creation-Part II’, Artist’s Workshop -Aika Gallery, Jerusalem

1990   ‘Distant Intimacy: Armenians in Jerusalem’, Jerusalem Theater Gallery

1992   ‘Vanishing Memory’, Artifact Gallery, Tel Aviv

1993   ‘Photo Synkyria’, Photography Month in Thessaloniki, Greece

1994 ‘Faces and Facets’, Herzilya Museum of Modern Art, Haifa Museum of Modern Art

1995   ‘Faces and Facets’, The Israeli Parliament (The Knesset), Jerusalem

     "      ‘Faces and Facets’, Jewish Museum, Washington D.C, U.S.A

1966   ‘Brain of the Braid’, Art Focus, with Dov Or-Ner, in Zakai’s studio

1997   ‘Brain of the Braid’, part II, Bar David Museum

    "     Brain of the Braid-The 4th Part of the Trilogy’, HaKibbutz Gallery, Tel-Aviv

1998   ‘Brain of the Braid-Diary of Events’, Artists House, Tel Aviv

   "          ‘Faces and Facets’, Fitton Center, Hamilton, Art Space, Lima,  Ohio.

2001 - Environment - "Have you cleaned a creek today?, Concrete Creek, part A".T.A

2001 - Concrete Creek-1999-2002-  "Concert for Cement Mixers", Eziona Creek, site specific art& curating a multi media performence and visual art .  

2002 -   Concrete Creek - "18th Street, contemporary art", Santa Monica, Los Angeles. U.S.A

2002 - Earth-Summit, Johannesburg - "Concrete Creek 1999-2002", video-art.

2003 - The 3rd World Water Forum, Kyoto - "Concrete Creek 1999-2002", video-art

2003 - "Three remarks on Public Space", joint video with Tamar & Amalia, Hebrew Univ. Jerusalaem.

2003 -  "Have You Cleaned a Creek Today?", Tel-Aviv Cinmatech , video-Arts

"Concrete Creek 1999-2002", video-arts and discussion: -" From Concrete Creek to including artists in reclamation of streams and  of damaged areas".

2005 - Forest Tunes- The Library, 1995-2005, The Engel Gallery, T. A.

2006 - Armors etc., Ella Valley Vinyard , visitors centre - Israel

2006 - The Vale Goddess - Photography & Eco-art Centre.

2007 - Forest Tunes -The Library, at Watec, Tel-Aviv.

2008 - Global Warming at The Ice Box- Forest Tunes- The Library, Philadelphia, Crane art Gallery, USA.

2009 - Forest Tunes- The Library 1995-2009, CCANW, England

2010-  Forest Tunes- The Library 1995-2010, Beeri Gallery, Israel

Group Exhibitions ( selection)

1988   ‘Photographers Against the Strong Arm’, Rega Gallery, Camera Obscura

          Gallery and Tsavta Gallery

           ‘The Second Photography Biennale’, Ein Harod Museum

1990   ‘Jerusalem in the Eyes of Photojournalists’, The Jerusalem Theater Gallery, Jerusalem

     "      ‘The Borders of Peace’, Givat Haviva

    "       ‘Black and White in Colors’, Haifa Auditorium, (Haifa Film Festival)

1992     6th International Photographic Art Exhibition, Beijing, China

1994     ‘Landscape Units’, ‘Art Focus’, Aman Studio, Hadera

1995     ‘The Professional Photographers Association of Israel’, Torino, Italy

1995     ‘Tautology’, The Bet Gabriel Gallery, Kinneret   

1997     ‘Brain of the Braid’, part II, Bar David Museum

            ‘Ho Mama’, Ramat Gan Museum of Israeli Art

1997     ‘Ho Mama’, Ramat Gan Museum of Israeli Art

    "        Arbeit Museum, Germany

 1998     Memorandum’, Ashdod Museum

 1998     Reservoirs: North-South Dialog’, Beeri Gallery

     "       Artishock Group Exhibition No.1’, Contemporary Art at Daphna Naor’s, Jerusalem.

 1999     Spots” – Israel museum, Jerusalem

     "       60 years of settlements, Hashfela Museum

      "      Um El Fahem, Plow of man and land.

 2000     Millenium exhibition, Engel Gallery, Tel-Aviv

     "       The tree in contemporary Art, Hashfela museum.

2000      "Beyond The Pleasure of Principle" - Artists' workshop Gallery, Jerusalem, also curating.

2000        Hundred Years of  Photography in Israel - Manet Catz Museum, Haifa

2000       "This is my country", Engel Gallery, T.A.

2001        Public Art  - Coconino Center for the Arts, Flagstaff, Arizona, U.S.A

2001        JFK University Arts & Consciousness Gallery, Berkeley, CA,USA

2002        "Ecovention", CAC - Center for Contemporary art, Cinncinati, Ohio, USA

2002        Visual Report - Earth-Summit, Israeli Forum for Ecological Art, Johannesburg, S.A. 

2003        Video-art - World Water Forum, Kyoto, Japan

2004        Genius Loci - 'Geuamgang Art In Nature Biennale', Gong-Ju, Korea.

2004        Natural World  Museum - 'Anima Mundi', Herbst Exhibition Hall, San Francisco.

2004 -      The Korean Environmental Art org., Environment Art Expo, Seoul, Korea

2004 -      'Geuamgang Art In Nature Biennale', Gong-Ju, Korea

2006 -      Monart Contemporary Museum, Ashdod

2006 -      Experiments, contemporary art marathon, Tel-Aviv ( also curating)

2007 -      Flowers in Israeli art, Engel Gallery

2007 -      Letters & Books , Engel Gallery

2007 -      Earthday, Tel-Aviv Cinmatech. also curating.


Books (selection)

1987    ‘Mommy and Daddy’s Baby Bird’, Tamar Bergman, Keter Publishing


1988      Porcupines of Efrata Street’, Daniella Carmi, Ma’ariv Publishers (Photographs)

1994      Faces and Facets’, Shai Zakai, M.O.D  Publishing House.

2000   One hundred Years of Photography in The Land of Israel, Mane-Katz Museum, Haifa

2001  The photographers' Millenium Book', Photographers' association, Israel

2003   Israeli Photographers', Mapa publishers, 2003.

2004   Simple Charm , ( photographs) Yediot Achronot publishers.


Catalogues & publications (selection)

1988   The Second Photography Biennale, Ein Harod Museum

1990   ‘Black and White in Colors’, Haifa Auditorium, (Haifa Film Festival)

1990   6th International Photographic Art Exhibition, Beijing, China

1993   ‘Photo Synkyria’, Photography Month in Thessaloniki, Greece

1994   ‘Tree and Landscape as an image of Place’, “Art Focus’, Aman Studio, Hadera

1995   ‘Tautology’, The Bet Gabriel Gallery, Kinneret

    "       Women & Environmental Quality, Haifa Museum & Womens' Network.     

    "      ‘Faces and Facets’, The Jewish Museum, Washington D.C, U.S.A

     "                   "        "         Museum of Modern Art, Savana, Georgia, U.S.A

    "     -‘No Second Nature’, against trans-Israel Highway.

  1998  ‘Reservoirs: North-South Dialog’, Beeri Gallery

 1997 ‘Brain of the Braid’, part II, Bar David Museum

     "   ‘Ho Mama’, Ramat Gan Museum of Israeli Art

 1999  The seventh International conference on Ecology, Israel

      "  "Alma", Magazine for promoting womens' rights, ministry of education

 2000 "Beyond The Pleasure of Principle" - Artists' workshop Gallery, Jerusalem (also curating)

2001- Symposium - Art & Ecology - Visions, Collaborations, Enactments, Berlin, Germany.

2001 -Concrete Creek 1999-2002 in Conjunction with Haaretz newspaper .

2002 - "Ecovention", CAC - Center for Cntemporary art, Cinncinati, Ohio,& greenmuseum, USA

2003 - Women & Environments, international Magazine - "Concrete Creek", Institute  for Women  studies  and Gender studies, New College, University of Toronto, Canada, issue No. 58/59.

2003 - '3rd World Water Forum' , Kyoto, Japan.

2004 - "Geuamgang Art In Nature Biennale", Guide, Gong-Ju, Korea.

2004 - 'Geuamgang Art In Nature Biennale', Gong-Ju, Korea.

2005 - Wead - Women Environmental artists Directory, California, U.S.A

2007- Art & Climate Change, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Colorado, Curated by Lucy Lippard


 Prizes, Awards, Grants

1985 -       The Gail Rubin Prize- Hadassah College, Jerusalem

1986 -       The Second Photography Biennale prize, Ein Harod Museum & Kodak company.

2002 -       The Artist-teacher prize, Ministry of Culture, science and sport.

2006 -       Photography prize, Lakomba gallery, Venice, Italy

2011 -      The Book &Libraries Center and Ministry of Culture prize for 'Forest Tunes-The Library'.

2013-14 -  'Presencehood'- artist book, printing grant, Art Print Workshop, Jerusalem.


Writtings on Zakai's work (selection):

Prof. Amieh Lieblich -"Tmunat Isha" ( Faces & Facets )Catalog, Herzlia Museum for Contemporary Art 1994

Dalia Levine, Director,-       "                         "                        "                 "         "                 "           "

Nissan Perez - Israel Museum, photography curator, on 'Tautology',1995.

Ami Shtienitz - on "Brain Of the Braid", 1996

Prof. Moshe Zukerman -Department of Philosophy, T.A University, on 'Brain of the Braid'.1998

Tali Tamir - Curator of Hakibutz gallery 1997

Aviva Rahmani - Eco-art magazine, California, on the eco-art conference created by Zakai.

In cataloge of "Concrete Creek 1999-2002 "- Ruth Director - art critic& curator, Israel,2001,

Dr. Eliezer Frankenberg Scientist, Nature reserves & park authority,

Minister of Environment - Mr. Zahi Hanegbi 2001,

Minister of Science, Culture and sport, Mr. Matan Vilnaei 2001,

Parliament member - Mossi Raz 2001 , Israel.

Sue Spaid - curator of CAC (The Contemporary Arts Center), Cincinnety, Ohio, U.S.A.

Patricia Wattes - Curator, Ecoartspace, L.A. U.S.A.

Nissim Keshet, Hydrologist , National Reserves & Parks's Authoritiy, Israel.

Dov or-Ner - Artist, theorist & curator, Israel.


 Articles by Shai zakai  selection

1995 -Conference on women and the environment, Haifa Univ. & Haifa Museum

1999 - "The Thirty Years' Project" -International Ecological Conference, Jerusalem

1999 - "Concrete Creek", Nevada -art & Environment conference, U.S.A

2000- "Beyond the Pleasure Principle", Catalog by Shai Zakai

2001- Artists/Scientists collaborations - writing and chairing ecological conference - T.A

2001- Why there is no interdisciplinary approach  towards the Environment in Israel?, a chapter for the NGO shadow report, Earth             Summit - "Rio+10" Earth-Summit , Joburg, 2002.

2001- The Necessity of the Forest to the Human Soul, as reflected in art & environmental literature.

         ( for the Hebrew Univ. Jerusalem).

2001- "Concrete Creek", artist' statement for the Catalog.

2002 - Interference & Showering - different approches in Environmental art verses

           Ecological art. ( for the Hebrew Univ. Jerusalem).

2002 - Keeping Open Spaces through art. ( for the Hebrew Univ.Jerusalm).

2003 - Thinking Eco-art through The 3rd World Water Forum, Kyoto, Japan.


Web- sites on Zakai's Work & interviews on line ( selection) artist_id-18.html - 11k

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‘Faces and Facets’, Shai Zakai, MOD Publishing House. 1987 ... East

Regional Report International

... planting and preparing a meeting place called "Nature's Theater." The children

worked together with the help of a guide, the ecological artist, Shai Zakai

Article in website - - Reshamim by Michal Markus Maor-  


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Art reviews. The Last Supper in concrete Wilhelm van Rensburg. Shai Zakai at

the World Summit on Sustainable Development, Johannesburg, South Africa. ... stakeholder/stakeholder.html

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by ecoartist Shai Zakai. Poster display, STOCKHOLM ENVIRONMENT INSTITUTE, ...


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Off the beaten track: A safe, different way to tour Israel (June ...

... Artist Shai Zakai hosts hikes and workshops to a place she calls "Concrete

Creek." Visitors can also go at it alone with some guidance. ...

The Kyoto Proposal

... Although Israeli eco-artist, Shai Zakai had been included in her government’s

delegation to Johannesburg, that event did not recognise art per se. ...

2000 - A Glance Towards the Next Millennium - Engel Gallery - ...

... It begins with a large photograph by Shai Zakai who places an image on the brink

of an abyss, continues with a processed photograph adhered to plates by Aimee ...


Press Releases

 Shai Zakai, Pavilion no. 31

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Liora Lopian, office manager. Nisreen Mazzawi, program coordinator. ...

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15 Minutes Magazine - Travel

... Zakai said. “Their trucks would dump cement into the creek.” Ecoartist

Shai Zakai at Concrete Creek in Emek Haela. The artist ...

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... Links. Fotografia (de Shai Zakai) i informació biogràfica obtingudes

de l'. Institut per la Traducció de la Literatura Hebrea *. ...

The Third International Conference of Art Culture Nature

... as opposed to indiscriminate dumping into the environment. Shai Zakai,

Ecological Artist, Chair, Israeli Forum for Ecological Art.

Santa Monica Mirror: SCENES

... recent installations, media and visual works by Michael Sakamoto, and Concrete Creek, a site-specific installation by Israeli artist Shai Zakai, 18th Street ...

Santa Monica Mirror: SCENES

... and recent installation, media and visual works by Michael Sakamoto, and Concrete Creek, a site-specific installation by Israeli artist Shai Zakai, 18th Street ...

... wertschätzen bedeute. Für mehr Transparenz und Auseinandersetzung

sorgen zweifelsohne auch die Aktionen von Shai Zakai. Mit Mut ...


Israel. Tel: 972 2 991-2101 Fax: 972 2 991-2153 Email: ...

Jewish South Africa - Kosher Simchas Beyachad South Africa Board ...

... 16h00 (Nasrec, Heinrich Boell Booth,), a very interesting and unusual presentation

on art and the environmental will be presented by Shai Zakai, Director of ...

... schemes Jackie Brookner- New York, NY Betsy Damon- Seattle, WA - China Georg Dietzler-

Germany AMD & Art- Vintondale, PA Shai Zakai- Israel Local Ecoventions ...

... watercolors of Jean B. Vance, the photogravure of South African artist Ian Coller

 and color photographs of Israeli women in all walks of life by Shai Zakai. ... showStartWork.asp

The Israeli company 'Mechira Pumbit' (Hebrew word for 'Public Auctions') was established six years ago. The company's main aim is to provide to collectors ...

2001 Conference Comments & Photos

... humor and originality of Team Suomen from Finland, together with the strong presences of Clive Adams from the UK, Shuli Nachison & Shai Zakai from Israel, Lars ...