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Art Delivers- Pioneer initiatives, public roles, social & environmental entrepreneurs


* Founding the Ecological Art discipline in Israel from 1994 and on...

* Founding the Photography & Eco-Art Centre in Sarigim 1994

* Initiating, curating & producing an artists' demonstration against the trans-Israel new

   Highway works.1995, in collaboration with the Nature preservation association. Result- a 

   tunnel been created in one of the most sensitive and heritage place.

* Creating 120 photographic files, hand made, for all Parliament members, warning from the                  

   Trans-Disciplinary highway implications. "No Second Nature" 1995. co-produces with     

    Industrial designer Eran Spitzer.

* Initiating & founding 4 ecological local groups; green savers, Green In the village, Green    

  Hood,1st environmental regional council, women forest keepers.

* Initiating , curating , producing 'The 1st Art & Ecology International Conference" in Israel,1999

* Founding & directing Israeli Forum for Ecological Art, NGO. 1999

  Producing and curating Ecological-art Marathons once a year for ten years, since 1999.

* Joining The Eco-Art dialog world movement 1999

* One of first artists appeared at the 2001

* Lecture & Exhibits at ACN- Art-Culture-Nature, Arizona, USA. 2001

* Opening 1st Eco-tourism track, in reclaimed stream via artwork 2001

   Developing educational tools for teachers and nature guides 2001-2

* Curating, producing - Visual Report for the Environmental & Social Coalition, for Earth Summit        

  Joburg, 2003-4

* Delivering vision- Lectures around the world - USA, Germany, Japan, Korea, UK, Greece 


* Curating-initiating-producing a conference on 'including artists in stream reclamation

   Committees', 2002.

* Ecovention - book and exhibition, included in the 40 world leading eco-artists USA 2002.

* Creating Zakai Leader of Consciousness 2002.

* MA, 1st in Israel- Art & Environmental Policy, Hebrew University, 2003.

* Streams Of Life - Idea&curating a reclamation of a stream in the beduine sphere, from 

   Separating border into a connecting place between tribes.

* Initiating-curating an interdisciplinary team for brainstorming on reclamation of 'burden soil'   

   From mining in the desert. Joint work with IFfEA members.

*  Including artist in a formal environmental delegation to the World Water Forum. 2005.

* Producing, initiating  and curating Earth Day events in Israel 1999, 2005, 2007

* Initiating, curating the eco-feminist-art conference, Mediateq, Holon 2008

  Producing initiating and curating Biodiversity day events in Israel 2009

* Developing a new path of 'Trandisciplinary-Environmental- Holistic Artivism' - Presencehood