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Photography & Eco-art Centre, offers academic and informal exciting courses and workshops, connecting Humans & Nature,  art & environment, spirtual ecology and social activism

Visit our center - a year course or  short programs for a weekend, a one day experience. or stay more; 

Walks, workshops, gallery guided tours, staying at Green Heart.

Open for the public, tourists, and families.

Special workshops for teachers, artists, photographers, environmentalists, therapists.

For reservation of Shai Zakai's workshops outside Israel, please send mail to: at












Slow Photography- workshop in the forest near the studio, a method developed for capturing the inner landscape and the sense of a place.

Presencehood - developing the ecocentric approach, connecting to open spaces and under-threat areas through movements, guided imagery and creating with plants and organic materials.**

 Getting nowhere and everywhere - regaining mystery and wondrous feelings, walks in secret paths, without the need to 'get there'. Walks for the walking essence while gaining as reducing…

Concrete Creek Tour - Stream reclamation as an artwork - an active walk along a reclaimed stream, from contamination to reclamation. Visit the stream and its five installation stations.

Goddesses cave visits - meetings with natural entities, opening the channel to new communications in nature.

Gallery tour- visit our studio, hear stories behind the artworks, hidden draws, meet the library of leaves, touch, smell, watch.

See also Lectures' description

**  Presencehood course - is offered also to universities and colleges around the world.

Short & long course opportunity by Shai Zakai

Presencehood course - developing a visual & powerful communication with the non human Ecosystem, through trans-disciplinary media .

Pioneer ecological artist and photographer Shai Zakai, invites students to an uplifting course, an artistic, ecological journey she has developed along twenty years of activism and creation for keeping the planet alive.

Presencehood process - involves guided walks, photography, movements in nature, guided imagery, creating dialogs with natural beings, and creating in nature with plants and available materials.

The course will intensify our relationship with other organisms, develop tools for creating art for social and ecological change, and develop a new way of activism through the Arts, as well as insights to new ways of being present in nature.

Course can be academic, for BA and MA degrees, can also be a short course - two weeks-a month, or a semester long, and even a one day course for the community, in between.

Options - Another course for photographers and photography lovers, to develop a new way of preserving nature though Photography.