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One-Person Exhibition ( selection )

1988   ‘The Creation-Part II’, Artist’s Workshop -Aika Gallery, Jerusalem

1990   ‘Distant Intimacy: Armenians in Jerusalem’, Jerusalem Theater Gallery

1992   ‘Vanishing Memory’, Artifact Gallery, Tel Aviv

1993   ‘Photo Synkyria’, Photography Month in Thessaloniki, Greece

1994 ‘Faces and Facets’, Herzilya Museum of Modern Art, Haifa Museum of Modern Art

1995   ‘Faces and Facets’, The Israeli Parliament (The Knesset), Jerusalem

     "      ‘Faces and Facets’, Jewish Museum, Washington D.C, U.S.A

1966   ‘Brain of the Braid’, Art Focus, with Dov Or-Ner, in Zakai’s studio

1997   ‘Brain of the Braid’, part II, Bar David Museum

    "     Brain of the Braid-The 4th Part of the Trilogy’, HaKibbutz Gallery, Tel-Aviv

1998   ‘Brain of the Braid-Diary of Events’, Artists House, Tel Aviv

   "          ‘Faces and Facets’, Fitton Center, Hamilton, Art Space, Lima,  Ohio.

2001 - Environment - "Have you cleaned a creek today?, Concrete Creek, part A".T.A

2001 - Concrete Creek-1999-2002-  "Concert for Cement Mixers", Eziona Creek, site specific art& curating a multi media performence and visual art .  

2002 -   Concrete Creek - "18th Street, contemporary art", Santa Monica, Los Angeles. U.S.A

2002 - Earth-Summit, Johannesburg - "Concrete Creek 1999-2002", video-art.

2003 - The 3rd World Water Forum, Kyoto - "Concrete Creek 1999-2002", video-art

2003 - "Three remarks on Public Space", joint video with Tamar & Amalia, Hebrew Univ. Jerusalaem.

2003 -  "Have You Cleaned a Creek Today?", Tel-Aviv Cinmatech , video-Arts

"Concrete Creek 1999-2002", video-arts and discussion: -" From Concrete Creek to including artists in reclamation of streams and  of damaged areas".

2005 - Forest Tunes- The Library, 1995-2005, The Engel Gallery, T. A.

2006 - Armors etc., Ella Valley Vinyard , visitors centre - Israel

2006 - The Vale Goddess - Photography & Eco-art Centre, Srigim.

2007 - Forest Tunes -The Library, at Watec, Tel-Aviv.

2008 - Farewell from The Cement Dress, Installation at the Mediatec, Holon.

2008 - Global Warming at The Ice Box- Forest Tunes- The Library, Philadelphia, Crane Arts Gallery, USA.

2009 - Forest Tunes- The Library 1995-2009, CCANW, England

2010-  Forest Tunes- The Library 1995-2010, Beeri Gallery, Israel

2012- Farewell From The Cement Dress, Design Institue Gallery, Holon


Group Exhibitions ( selection)

1988   ‘Photographers Against the Strong Arm’, Rega Gallery, Camera Obscura

          Gallery and Tsavta Gallery

           ‘The Second Photography Biennale’, Ein Harod Museum

1990   ‘Jerusalem in the Eyes of Photojournalists’, The Jerusalem Theater Gallery, Jerusalem

     "      ‘The Borders of Peace’, Givat Haviva

    "       ‘Black and White in Colors’, Haifa Auditorium, (Haifa Film Festival)

1992     6th International Photographic Art Exhibition, Beijing, China

1994     ‘Landscape Units’, ‘Art Focus’, Aman Studio, Hadera

1995     ‘The Professional Photographers Association of Israel’, Torino, Italy

1995     ‘Tautology’, The Bet Gabriel Gallery, Kinneret   

1997     ‘Brain of the Braid’, part II, Bar David Museum

            ‘Ho Mama’, Ramat Gan Museum of Israeli Art

1997     ‘Ho Mama’, Ramat Gan Museum of Israeli Art

    "        Arbeit Museum, Germany

 1998     Memorandum’, Ashdod Museum

 1998     Reservoirs: North-South Dialog’, Beeri Gallery

     "       Artishock Group Exhibition No.1’, Contemporary Art at Daphna Naor’s, Jerusalem.

 1999     Spots” – Israel museum, Jerusalem

     "       60 years of settlements, Hashfela Museum

      "      Um El Fahem, Plow of man and land.

 2000     Millenium exhibition, Engel Gallery, Tel-Aviv

     "       The tree in contemporary Art, Hashfela museum.

2000      "Beyond The Pleasure of Principle" - Artists' workshop Gallery, Jerusalem, also curating.

2000        Hundred Years of  Photography in Israel - Manet Catz Museum, Haifa

2000       "This is my country", Engel Gallery, T.A.

2001        Public Art  - Coconino Center for the Arts, Flagstaff, Arizona, U.S.A

2001        JFK University Arts & Consciousness Gallery, Berkeley, CA,USA

2002        "Ecovention", CAC - Center for Contemporary art, Cinncinati, Ohio, USA

2002        Visual Report - Earth-Summit, Israeli Forum for Ecological Art, Johannesburg, S.A. 

2003        Video-art - World Water Forum, Kyoto, Japan

2004        Genius Loci - 'Geuamgang Art In Nature Biennale', Gong-Ju, Korea.

2004        Natural World  Museum - 'Anima Mundi', Herbst Exhibition Hall, San Francisco.

2004 -      The Korean Environmental Art org., Environment Art Expo, Seoul, Korea

2004 -      'Geuamgang Art In Nature Biennale', Gong-Ju, Korea

2006 -      Monart Contemporary Museum, Ashdod

2006 -      Sparks, Environment In Pain, contemporary art marathon event, Tel-Aviv ( also curating)

2007 -      Flowers in Israeli art, Engel Gallery

2007 -      Letters & Books , Engel Gallery

2007 -      Earthday, Tel-Aviv Cinmatech. also curating.

2009 -       Artists' Marathon, Biodiversity International Day, also Curated, Tel Aviv

2012 -       Photographed Rituals, Photography International Festival, also Curating.

2013-       Spring, Engel Gallery, Tel-Aviv

2014-       City Lights, Art & Sustainability in the City, Modiin.

2014 -      Bread and roses, Tel-Aviv