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 from 'Mother Rock' series, shai zakai
 from 'Mother Rock' series, shai zakai 

Slowly, step by step from 1984 and ongoing

  • Reconnect science and art for creative solutions to  environmental issues.
  • Narrowing the ever-growing gap between Human and Nature
  • Heal community/decision makers from their environmental indifference
  • Be part of creating the right values in reclamation and preservation of environments in pain
  • Influence on environmental policy -  Challenge artists to investigate and respond to environmental issues in their artworks.
  • Causing deeper understanding of processes which occur in nature and its intrinsic values.
  • Heal and restore damaged environments, especially streams, as part of interdisciplinary teams.
  • Show, indicate, mark, daylight - insights, hidden details and processes in nature which we pay attention to.
  • Mediate between community and their immediate environment, decision makers and communities, ecologists and industrialists.
  • Through the artworks - uplifting, surprise, create wonder, mystery, allow getting lost, by tools; photography, installations, video-arts, writings, story telling, walks and talks, workshops.


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