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Shai Zakai Video Art and short films continue to raise environmental awareness. Zakai's video art are at the meeting points of conceptual-spiritual-ecological and social art.

All rights to video arts belong to Shai Zakai, and cannot be used without a written permission from the artist (C)


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Shai Zakai, The Ruling 2005, 2016 from "Concrete Creek" project

Pioneer ecological artist Shai Zakai has dedicated years to create a model for cleaning world contaminated streams, through holistic and Trans-disciplinary approach. The project was named: Concrete Creek- Reclamation of a stream via art. ( ) 
Hellas, the peak of the concluding event, which was filmed for a documentary about the whole project,  was lost and neglected by the art reporter of channel 1. This video-art is an excerpt reading from the ruling of the trial, held in 2005, in regard to the questions of responsibility and the value of the art raw material which was lost forever.
Although in legal language, the ruling actually relate to the core of what art is all about and about the process of creation itself.
17.43 min.  
ALL Rights Reserved to Shai Zakai (C)



Presencehood I ( trailer) 

Trailer, a short sequence, from Shai Zakai's new video-art and her encounters  with natural entities and natural frequencies. From Presencehood project.




Presencehood II


While giving treatments in Corfu, natures' frequences were revealed and a leaf started dancing. Autentic, not edited, photographed from my mobile.




Spacing In

               Spacing In by Shai Zakai


Spacing Inn video, asks the viewers to be involved in landscape, and invent their own movements to the voice over's poetic instructions.

This short video-art invites new observations on viewer-landscape relationships. Looking at the inner landscapes.
Night photographs of landscape in motion, depicting fragments, which the eyes cannot tell. 
The artist is getting involved in what our eyes accept as obvious or trivial. 
It is an invitation to dive into what becomes more and more scarce globally - open spaces.
This visual/poetic warning video, calls upon non conventional actions to keep open spaces alive and to honor side roads.
Spacing Inn, by Shai Zakai,  is accompanied by the artist's set of movements/tools, suggested to the public, for taking active physical and spiritual observation. Ecological issues such as; loss of bio-diversity,  air pollution, disappearing of open spaces, are at the core of this active video-art.
Ecological artist and photographer Shai Zakai also offers a guided imagery process and dancing, while watching the video, all to reconnect between human-nature and narrow the gap.

Recommended to watch and invent your own dance with it.




Genius Loci- 4.5 minutes




Have you cleaned a stream today?




Concrete Creek 1999-2002 ( detail )